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Ball valve 2 3/8 NUE x 700bar presentation

  The aim of the development the new product was to replace the existing valve 2 3/8NUE x 700bar, in order to be used in used for salt water applications. The corrosion issues were eliminated by use of stainless steel materials for the components exposed to corrosion and the handling restrictions disappeared by changing the constructive solution. The new valve can be now operated under a pressure up to 200 bar. The ball valve can be used to: - distribution systems of the crude oil and salt water - circulating head - cementing head - salt water systems - manifold systems - cementing units
700bar Ball Valve Presentation

Stainless steel workshop presentation

  The stainless steel workshop was recently set up inside Confind, in order to provide the conditions necessary for the execution of stainless steel equipment for various industries. After signing the partnership with the French company Cofely Endel (GDF Suez), at the beginning of 2014, the manufacturing sector has been dedicated to manufacturing equipment required by French customers, used in food, pharmaceutical or nuclear areas. Thus, Confind experience in producing various equipment for the oil and gas industry could be transferred and used in the above mentioned fields that require more restrictive conditions regarding hygiene, handling equipment and their protection against contamination. In the workshop with an area of ​​500 sqm, Confind has the capacity to produce atmospheric vessels, pressure vessels, isometric, stainless steel components etc.
Stainless steel workshop presentation

Forged links

  As a consequence of constant inquiries from Clients, CONFIND developed a first dimension of forged links, 65ts, as per the requirements of API 8C specification. This development complies with the steps required by the specification, including design verification test. Engineering department used as a tool SolidWorks Simulation Premium, the advantages being obvious. The verifications performed on the prototype demonstrated the conformity with API specification 8C. At the present time, this equipment entered into current production.