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  During 1998-2004, National Oil Company has upgraded around 100 gathering stations located throughout the country. The modernization has replaced the old 'open' system which was based on separation in non-automatic mode at atmospheric pressure without the recovery of associated gas, with a 'closed', automated separation system operating at 2-6 bar, with full recovery of the associated gas. The surface of modernized gathering station is 6-8 times smaller than that of the classical system.

  The main equipment in a modern gathering and primary separation station:

1. The inlet manifold
2. Biphase calibration skid
3. Pipe in pipe heat exchanger to enable the separation temperature
4. Three phase separator skid
5. Emulsion breaker injection skid
6. Crude oil emergency tank
7. Saltwater tank
8. Flotation cells
9. Circulation pumps
10. Progressive cavity pumps for oil discharge
11. Progressive cavity pumps for saltwater injection
12. Drain tank with vertical progressive cavity pump
13. Boiler
14. Staff container
15. Control room
16. Process shed
17. Metering/adjusting skid
18. Electric Panels

Gathering & Separation Plants