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Confind manufactures the following categories of containers:

  • For general purpose applications such site organization

  • For use in oil & gas industry with special requirements

  Are built in different variants, serving as offices, meeting rooms, locker rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, lockers etc, assembed in different configurations as per the needs of the site.
  Containers can be easily transported, having a specific weight of 125kg /sqm and dimensions that enable transport by rail or by car.
  Interior endowments are optional according to Client requirements.
  Standard module dimensions are:

    Length   :  Lext=6000 mm
    Width     :  Aext=2450 mm
    Height    :  Hext=2700 mm
    Volume  :  Vint=31,3 cbm

-base frame is made of rolled beams U120 transversally reinforced, equipped with support parts that enable fixing during transport
-columns are made of 3mm plate pressed to shape
-upper frame is made of rectangular pipe 70x40x2 and various 2mm plate parts pressed to shape
-roof is made of 1.25 mm plate
-walls and ceiling are made from poliurethane injected panels with thickness 40-100 mm
-floor is made of 48mm thick wood, joined by seaming, covered with linoleum, with insulation underneath
-carpentry (doors and windows) are made from aluminium profiles
-standard electrical wiring 220 V, 50 Hz.

Containers for oil & gas industry


Dimension CSP - 11 CSP - 12 CSP - 13 CSP - 14 CSP - 15
Length (mm) 1500 3000 4000 6000 8000
Width (mm) 2450
Height (mm) 2700


Dimension CSP - 23 CSP - 24 CSP - 25
Length (mm) 4000 6000 8000
Width (mm) 2450
Height (mm) 2700

  Static requirements, materials and equipment, manufacturing, marking, non-destructive examination, testing, corrosion protection, lifting points, certification, warranty, delivery documents are detailed in the "Specification for oil & gas containers" which can be viewed below .



Specification for oil & gas containers