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  Since 2007, CONFIND manufactures non-API beam pumping units and since 2009 API spec 11E units. Non-API units are built for loads of 3, 5 and 7 tons and a stroke from 0.5 to 2.2 m.

  Pumping Units manufactured to API spec 11E, address also all requirements accumulated in decades of operation in Romania.

  CONFIND units comply with the following standards:

* API Spec. 11E
* API RP 11G
* Directive 94/0/EC
* Directive 97/37/EC

  For the pumping units, CONFIND has developed a special gearbox, calculated according to the following standards:
* ANSI / AGMA 2001-D04
* AGMA 422.03/May 1984
* AGMA 908-B89

  CONFIND gearboxes have transmission ratio 30, in a two stages V shaped gear. A particular feature is the bath lubrication with two levels, which leads to a decrease in consumption of lubricating oil woth about 50% compared to a typical gear for pumping units. Sealing the entry shaft and main shaft is accomplished without contact, which excludes wear on the two shafts.

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