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  Workover rigs AM12 / 40 and AM12 / 50 for loads up to 40 ft, respectively 50tf are used for interventions and overhauling works of oil and gas wells, in order to perform the following operations:

- Introduction and extraction of pumping rods, oil tools, sucker rod pumps
- Mounting and dismounting the wellhead
- Repair and remediation in the well such as milling plugs, sand wash, instrumentation etc.
- Bailing
- Swabbing

  The rig is installed on a chassis with four axles Roman 8X6, with very good manoeuverability on difficult terrain. The rigs meet all legal standards for transport on public roads.

  Power is provided by a CATERPILLAR C9 ACERT diesel engine, with an automatic transmission CATERPILLAR TH31.


  - Rigs are designed according to the following directives:
1. 2006/42 EC - Machinery
2. 2004 / 10B / CE - Electromagnetic compatibility
3. 2000/14 / EC - Noise emitted by equipment used outdoors
4. 94/9 / EC - Kits and protective systems in potentially explosive environments.
Group pursuant to this Directive is: EX II 2/3 G IIB T4

  - The following harmonized standards are applied:
1. SR EN ISO 12100 - Safety of machinery. General principles for design. Risk assesments and risk reduction.
2. SR EN 1127-1 - Explosive atmospheres. Explosion prevention and protection.
3. SR EN 13463-1 - Non-electrical equipment for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Basic method and requirements.
4. SR EN 13463-5 - Non-electrical equipment intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Protection by constructional safety 'c'.

  - Standards used to calculate the strength and stability are:
1. SR EN 1990 - Basis of structural design.
2. SR EN 1991-1-4 - Actions on structures. General actions. Wind actions.
3. SR EN 1993-1-1 - Design of steel structures. General rules and rules for buildings.
4. SR EN 1993-1 - Design of steel structures. Design joints.
5. SR EN 01.03.1993 - Design of steel structures. Towers, masts and chimneys. Towers and masts.

  - Rigs include parts manufactured according to API specifications:
1. masts and crownblock framework - according to API Spec 4F;
2. crane hook and crownblock sheaves - according to API spec 8C;
3. draworks - according to API spec 7K;
4. cable and anchors - according to API 9A.

Brochure AM 12-40

Brochure AM 12-50

AM12-40 lay out

AM12-50 lay out

Maintenance manual AM12-40

Operation manual AM12-40

Spare parts catalogue AM12-40

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