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Confind builds the following transportable gas stations:

MICROSTA 12 - 12000l

MICROSTA 24 A - 24000l

SM 14 - 14000l

Confind mini gas stations are EX certified products in Romania meeting the normative prescriptions on portable fuel distribution stations NP 004/1/1999 approved MLPAT Order 17 / N / 07.04.2000.
This equipment represents a fully functional gas station, installed in a transportable container
The land required to deploy mini gas station is very low, approx. 10m x 15m .

Installed and put into operation on site in only six to eight hours, disassembly operations and preparation for transport take four hours.
Provides maximum security in operation due to automatic sensing and fire extinguishing system as well as alarming in case of potentially explosive atmospheres .
Installed power is low 6,8kW and where grid connection is not possible it may be provided by a power generator.
Construction and operating permits to be obtained are facilitated by the certifications of the equipment.

Recommended situations for the use of mini gas stations

 To assess the commercial potential of a site proposed for building a high capacity station
   - In places with small number of vehicles (under 1000) and distances greater than 20 km from high capacity stations
   - For situations where the available land area is small and does not allow the construction of a high capacity station
   - For temporary sites caused by renovation of large capacity stations
   - For temporary sites: construction, roads and bridges, land reclamating or agricultural work
   - For seasonal sites: mountain resorts, spas, agro-tourism areas;
   - Own fleet of commercial vehicles


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