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Relevant information Confind 2013

* Private company
* 22 years of activity
* 65 + million Euro per year
* 25% of production exported
* 80% of equipment is produced using Confind design
* 1500 employees of which 200 engineers
* 5 branches in Romania

May 31, 1991
  Date of establishment company CONFIND as limited liability and private capital. Business activity began with the production of fasteners (bolts and nuts) and needle valves.
  Assimilation and introduction into production of spare parts for sucker rod pumps.
  Assimilation of spare parts for gas compressors.
  New directions for development, design, approval and uptake in mass production of new types of products:
      - Mini portable stations
      - Gas heaters, for prevention of criohidrates formation when pressure drops
  Start production of containerized modules for work sites and buildings with metal structures
  Acquisition of PCC Sterom workshop of rubber parts.
  CONFIND develops the following activities:
      - Drilling and extraction tool purchased from PCC Sterom
      - Start production of pressure vessels and steel structures
  Assimilation and introduction into production of other product ranges:
      - Progressive cavity pumps
      - Gas compressor GEC 160
      - Workover rig AM10
  Start execution of turn key projects in the area of collection, separation and treatment of crude oil, fractioning and gas compression, water injection
      - foundation of a joint venture with Smith International for the manufacturing of tools for drilling and extraction.
      - ERP solution is implemented SIE - Enterprise
      - Develop along with Cameron packaging activities of reciprocating compressor
      - Build support platform for drilling rig F-400 in order to enable operations in flooded areas
      - Build modular sections of barges
      - Workover rig AM12
      - Begin execution of pumping units
      - Start execution of storage tanks with vertical axis
      - Build gas/diesel Jilava Depot
      - Start execution of production skids for primary separation and three-phase metering
      - Start execution of associated gas compressors
      - Build gas/diesel Jilava Depot
      - Start execution of swivels 80t
      - Start execution of motor swivels 80t
      - Take over the surface maintenance Berca-Oprisenesti-Independenta from OMV Petrom
      - Start the reparing activity of oil tools
      - Build gas/diesel Isalnita Depot
      - Start execution of swivels 100t
      - Build gas dehidration plant
      - Start assimilating progressive cavity pump rotors
      - Start assimilating progressive cavity multiphase pumps
      - Development of HVOF application
      - Implementing planned production module in ERP system

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