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  CONFIND general policy in the field of quality, environment,occupational health and safety compliance is oriented towards customer requirements and reference standards. Top management evaluates the Company annually and reviews the policy if necessary in order to ensure the effectiveness of the activities carried out.

"Our motto is: Quality is the detail that makes the difference!"


  Through innovation and continuous development CONFIND manufactures competitive products. The quality of products and services offered by CONFIND aims to satisfy its customers and even to exceed their expectations. CONFIND is developed towards economic efficiency, environmental protection and fair treatment of all staff, adequacy, maintenance and continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System in terms of Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety, standards, legal requirements in force.


  Particular attention to customer needs, expanding customer base and broadening the portfolio of products and services represent CONFIND development and growth strategy for its sustainability. Environment and human protection are the key to a durable development of human society that CONFIND is committed to take part.


  Management at the highest level is committed to:
      -Satisfying and developing a growing number of customers.
      -Continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System.
      -Permanent compliance to legal requirements.
      -Informing, developing awareness and supporting employees, customers, suppliers and partners in environmental protection activities and also in preventing injuries and occupational diseases. .
      Allocation of financial, material and human resources in order to fulfill the actions required by the continuous improvement of efficiency and effectiveness of the Integrated Management System.

  For an adequate and continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System of Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety, the President appointed a Quality Management Representative in the person of Mr. Naghel Teodor - Technical Director and a representative of Environment, Occupational Health and Safety management in the of person Mr. Constantin Ene - Chief Executive Officer.

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