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  Policy of the company to satisfy the needs of oil and gas industry along with the accumulated experience in manufacturing equipment for this sector led to the development of turn key projects segment.
  Since 2003, CONFIND began execution of turn key projects located in Romania and abroad, in the field of gathering, separation and treatment of crude oil, fractionating and compression of gas, water injection. These projects were carried out in various organizational solutions, CONFIND playing the role of the main contractor or participating as subcontractor in the project.

  CONFIND is different from the rest of the competitors in the industrial construction market for the oil and gas industry because it can provide an integrated solution for a project:
1. Consultancy in defining technical solutions
2. Design
3. Execution of construction and assembly
4. Commissioning
5. Interventions during warranty and post warranty
  In order to satisfy the requirements of the market certain aspects are taken into account:
1. Competitive prices
2. Short delivery terms
3. The execution of efficient and reliable systems
  Achieving these targets was possible due to the cooperation of the following groups:
1. Offering and manufacturing preparation:
- Ensure coordination of specialized engineers (construction, mechanical energy, instrumentation, technology) in all phases of work (tender, contracting, design, procurement, manufacturing plant, on site installation and commissioning)
- Ensure coordination of procurement of materials,equipment and services necessary for developing logistics works
- Provides project management so as to decreased nonproductive time, raise efficiency and ensures control of costs
- Provides coordination and verification of subcontractors involved in the work
2. Inhouse design for:
- Pressure Vessels
- Steel Structures
- Electric and automation cabinets
3. Inhouse manufacturing that provides:
- Complex technological equipment (separators, columns, reboilers, adsorbed, heat exchangers, pumps, metering skids, skids, chemical injection) necessary to achieve installations
- Modular solutions in order to decrease the installation time
- Execution of electrical panels and automation
4. Department of construction and assembly

Project examples