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   Hard chroming is a technological process used with good results for applications that require high hardness wear surfaces with relatively large layer thickness, with small roughness after grinding. The nature of this type of deposit involves cracks in the deposited layer, which entails the risk of penetration of deposit and occurrence of corrosion phenomena in the gap between the base material and the deposition of chromium, followed by exfoliation. To avoid this phenomenon the following measures are applied:

- Stainless steel base material

- Increasing deposited layer thickness

- Sealing the deposited layer with a corrosion resistant substance, that fills cracks network, thus creating a seal in the thickness of the deposited layer

   Confind depending on the application is using one of the options above, or a combination thereof. Tests performed on sealed layers confirmed an average reduction of penetration points of up to four times, which led to widespread application of this technique.